Esports platform 121GameOn is raising €500 000

121GameOn has been used over 1 700 000 times, by more than 200 000 players so far in 2019
The platform has seen tremendous growth since launch this year
Funding will be used for user growth and development of new tournament systems for more popular games
Investments available from as low as €250 for €6 per share

Become a co-owner of our online esports platform

€270 000 of €500 000 committed (54%)

CSGO tournaments 121GameOn

121GameOn is a social skill-based gaming platform, where players can participate in daily gaming tournaments and challenges against friends.

We have developed a multi-game platform, with the ability to take on new games as they become popular. We currently focus on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds, with more games being implemented.

Unique investment opportunity in esports statistics

Tournaments completed

11 880

In-game kills

587 147

Platform and in-game activity

55 483 hours

Usergrowth YTD


Platform visitors

202 085

Reach in social media

27 200 000

The market

Our target group is Esport amateurs playing competitive titles such as CS:GO and PUBG, with many more to come.

So far we’ve focused on the European market, but through organic growth we have players all over the world. 

Target group playerbase around the world

Business model

Equity raised so far


€500 000


€600 000


€270 000 of €500 000 committed

Expected fresh capital

2020 Q3

€500 000


€1 700 000

Current market capitalization

€4 620 000 pre-money valuation

€6 per share

crowdfunding esports


crowdfunding esports

Nikolai Myrene


Geir Emblem


Harald Lien

Lead Front-end

Kevin Vu

Head of Esports

Eirik Solli

Marketing Manager

Oleg Krautsou

System architect

crowdfunding esports

Martin Wolles

Technical Support Specialist

esports crowdfunding
crrowdfunding esports

Jonathan Lie

Technical Support Specialist

David Ho

Technical Support Specialist

Thomas Vu

Customer Service Manager

Slava Khrenov

Senior Back-end

Full-service esports platform

121GameOn CSGO challenges

Challenge friends to 1v1

Participate in daily CSGO tournaments

crowdfunding esports platform

Innovative in-game map design

We create our own custom in-game maps, which we use for competitive gameplay on our platform. The 121GameOn logo is of course featured on the wall for all our custom in-game maps, and we have also recently opened up for brands to have their logo or even products featured in-game.

Our in-game maps are well-received by the community, and in just 2 weeks one of our maps was downloaded 39 000 times organically. Players can download the map here.

Key features

128 tick servers, with a server-location algorithm ensuring a fair ping

Fully automated tournament system with brackets

Demos instantly available after every game

Easy Anticheat, and manual review of reports

csgo tournaments
cs go tournaments
121gameon csgo tournaments
121gameon cs go tournaments
121gameon cs go tournaments

Challenge friends to 1v1's, or play in tournaments for cash prizes

24/7 live support

Instant automated payouts directly to your credit card

121gameon csgo tournaments

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